I win the Loud Shirt Competition

I can’t believe I won the loud shirt competition. Today is a LOUD shirt day, so I wore the bright orange shirt that I had, and didn’t even think about the competition any longer.
And initially I think people who make the collection forget completely about the IT, since we are in the dungeon, and Anthony must have dob us in while he had lunch with Sue, and she personally came to get donation from us. And there she was shocked with my shirt.
All the IT were invited upstairs about 4:45 and Clive walks around trying to judge who had the loudest. I won, and awarded with a cert and a $50 lifestyle voucher. Got to keep this up, I guess.

James fall over

James fall over from our bed yesterday. According to Hui, she only left him a split second and he fall over and landed on top of the dirty nappy bin. Luckily he is ok, we think, since he fall butt down. Seems like nothing is broken or bruises or anything like that. pfew…. I just pet him to bed after a walk to the garden near by.