Buller here I come

Despite the fact that the weather is pretty cold, there is still not enough snow. Well I’m going to Buller regardless. So 3 family started to join together, 2 car with 8 people we head up there. Hap is driving one car and Yuni is driving the other.
The weather is pretty cold but there is not enough snow to cover the mountain.
Oh well the would have to do then.
So we stay at YHA, but we go loaded with food, this would make the trip worthwhile, no body will get hungry. Sofian’s mom is cooking, his auntie is cooking curry and half a dozen other dishes. Mom is cooking lemper, yummm….

My 1st Car

I finally got my car. Toyota Corolla Conquest 2002 model. Tired of looking for private seller, who either want high prices for their car or cheap and shit, written off vehicle, I finally bought it off from Dealer. Comes with extended warranty for 15 months. Everything is good, just bought the seat cover to cover the interior, since the inside is beige, it got dirty pretty quick. I should post some picture, when I get some time to do it.

Calculus’s mansion

I am invited to Calculus’s mansion for some dinner sort of thing. I got the impression that I will be flying first class there.
Something happened, and I am riding my bike there instead. I had to park it underground, and lock it, at that time I found that my lock is so tiny.
Then when the dinner, I saw my bro, and we jump to a car.

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