Hero in Training

I was part of the Seven Sword kinda thing and still on training. The training was scheduled everyday at Belawan, where we lined up at the front of the house receiving instruction. Then there is a gathering to discuss the progress and sharing some information.

Ipod Hangs

My Ipod hangs on me this morning, the silly thing stop on the last song screen that I played and stayed there when I try to recharge it via USB connection.
So I had to reset it, phew I thought something drastical happened.
To reset : toggle the hold button, then press & hold both Select & menu button for 6 seconds.

Sofian’s pre birthday dinner

I went out for dinner with Sofian, Gary, Vonny, Sharon, Fifi and Andrew. It is pre dinner before his brithday which is on 3 Nov. Andrew apparently just arrive as well to settle here for a year or so for his PR. He looks different a bit more uncleish.
We had a drink at Puccini and then head to Kumden for dinner and chit chat until late and when I am just about to head home with Shaz, Gary called to have another drinks at 3 Degree, so we went there again with Gary Sofian and Vonny.
More drinks until late, then went for supper at China Bar, hehehe kinda makes us feel young. I had Curry Chicken noodle which is not bad.
Then after feeling full we head home. I arrive at about 2 AM and thanks to daylight savings it is 3 AM. Shaz sent me home cause she stayed with her mom.

Bump into Chuni

On the way back to the city after work, I bump into Chuni, well it’s been like more than 2 years at least I haven’t seen her.
I would be nice to be able to catch up again.
Finally Brendan got his Ipod with video but no luck putting anything on it in the office. He just sms me a few minutes ago saying that he can put song on it but not video yet, that’s kinda wierd.
I watched DOOM the movie, not too lame from Gamer’s point of view, they put the first person shooter’s view towards the end, quite wierd.

Farewell Drinks

My farewell drinks was held yesterday and it is kinda sad to leave, but I think I need some change. It is also Sandra’s last day and she will be away for 11 weeks getting married and honey moon.
She quietly invited me to her wedding reception. Hmmm well it is because one of Steve’s colleague back out. So I had to shop for her present on the weekend.
I got my USB key for the farewell gift, nice 1 Gig too, I wasn’t expecting Michael to be generous when I am leaving. And also a chocolate.
Brendan drag me to a Nike T-shirt “[CO] + LAB” launch in Prahran, and I got a T-shirt. Kinda cool, at least it is Nike shirt and Made in Australia. I never been to any launch, but it is cool.

Coaching Computer

I was in some sort of computer lab, trying to introduce Computer to my Uncle. He is not computer literate so it seems that he is picking up quite well. It seems that I am using linux of some sort and let him wathing movie and browsing couple of news.
I was distracted doing something and he need me to change some of the setting so I had to use keyboard to go through all the opened program which seems to be limitless before I can get to the settings.

New Job?

I was starting my new job, and guess what, the old fish bowls is an open space to the current one. That can’t be right and PL is working there as well. Since when PL is working for AdvaTel?
For some reason the new boss asked her in to have an interview.
I was being asked to go to my new room. and to my surprise I find out that there are only one monitor instead of three. Then the table is kinda funny, very short on top of another wide timber floor. I am suppose sit and squat ala japanese style?

Transformers Alternators

I went to KMART yesterday to buy another Transformers Alternators, it is a jeep Wrangler and called Hound.

Damn now I got to start collect them.
Paul came and give me Angpau for $300 wow, that huge, hmmm need to keep up the favours then.
Intan came to discuss few things about her plan to buy a house and the annoying lady who ran her is sending her letter for her car’s damages. That is kinda annoying.

Dinner @ Warung Agus

Went to dinner with Gary, Sofian, Vonny, Sharon, Kerby, Lynn and Lidya.
This time is gathering cause Lynn came from tasmania before her trip back to M’sia.
Apparently not only me who got a new job, Sharon got a new one as well. She will be working at Rialto as event manager of some sort.
The dinner was good, especially the Tempe and Babi but it is bloody expensive, $350 for the lot, I know we order a lot of stuff, but $44 per person for dinner is a bit expensive.

Mass Lunch

I was working and trying to find someone, I think it was Dwayne to confirm the meeting with one of the switch techie. Suddenly The kitchen was full of people having lunch and it seems like there are 500 of them. So failing that I decided to go back to sleep?
When they finished their lunch they all sit in the rows waiting for someone to give speech. I happened to sit on the front row and talking to this guy, which seems from Indo and talking about 35 years of PKI and how they had infiltrated the government without detection. By the way he talk it seems that PKI is still legal organisation, then the person next to him start to comment on that and there is a heavy debate. Suddenly there is a fish infront of everybody and this guy is selling his propaganda and asking everybody to follow him.

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