Stay home

Not feeling well to day, actually it’s been since 2 days ago. So I stayed at home. Collect a registered post from post office at Union st. It turn out to by a birthday present from Hui, it makes me so happy. It is a good mix too between English and Chinese song.

Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday to me, yes today is my birthday, and like usual, not fancy smancy celebration or cake. Girlfriend send me a birthday SMS, sweet she still remembers it.
Heather emailed me about her 2 trips, and stop over in London while there is a terrorist attack. I told her about my Ski trip to Falls creek.

Jabberd with SSL

Sometime you need to sleep on a problem before you realise how to fix it.
So yesterday I give up enabling ssl, and manage to install it fine and test it with PSI client. Before I doze off I realise I need to enable the library from dselect just like I did with mysql, and then just now I did that.
And guess what it now configured properly fingers crossed I am building it now, with ssl, and in no time will installed it. Yay….


After frustration trying to install jabberd under Cygwin, I try it to install under debian.
tar -zxvf jabberd-2.0s9.tar.gz
./configure –enable-mysql –enable-ssl –enable-idn
darn my Libidn is less than 0.3.0, well go back to start I guess.
well fingers crossed making Libidn now…
cool, all seems well, configuring jabberd again. Darn now openSSL is not there *sigh*, back to square 1 again, now downloading SSL 0.9.8.

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Falls day 2

I woke up this morning with headache, probably because I open my window before I slept. It was raining & snowing which makes the weather damn cold, but the snow covers up some of the pathy run. Sharon & Sofian didn’t ski the second day, sofian don’t want to over tired himself & Sharon accidentally return her gear, & the rental refuse to gave it back, what a shit ass.

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Falls day 1

Saturday morning the weather clears up, every one was excited & ready to hit the slope. Straight after breakfast, which consist of toast with vegimite & honey spread, scramble eggs & bacon, cereals, we head to the slope. Sofian, sharon & me stick together. First we take the wombat run, the run is easy, but due to lack of snow some section is patchy & muddy. Unluckily I fell right in the middle of it. I though that is not so good since that is our first run for the day, & my clothes are dirty already. Rolling & crawling on the snow helps clean the jacket a bit.

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Falls Creek ski trip

The weather wasn’t perfect, we arrived accompanied by rain on friday. Checking in, then getting our ski gear. Then heading to had pizza. The place was full but in the end we manage to get some seat. We ordered Carbonara, Capriciosa & aussie, accompanied by some beer.
When we came back, we were sitting around in the lounge room, playing big 2. Then we decided to join the 2 deck & play the bluffing game. We laugh so much that our tears came out & our stomach hurts.

Missing person

I was somewhere with Hui, Hap, and Jason. We are having an intelligent discussion about missing person and how to go about locating them. Before we knew it there are a bunch of kids try to sign us up for a donation, and they need to get our details. So we wait for a while and when the paper was passed around, Jason starts filling most of them with the name of the missing person, but being indexed 1, 2, 3, etc. He said that if they are to find all these indexed ppl hard enough they will find the missing person.
Then he was asking me where did my name Pin came from, or what it means, I looked at Hap and he looked at me dumb founded. I casually asked him so is “Jason” came from Jason the argonauts? He said, that is one way of looking at it yes.

Late Granny’s death Anniversary

Today is late Granny’s death Anniversary, so Mom cooked lots of food for the prayers, and invited Betty and her house mate over for dinner.
I had a long chat with her house mate about what he do, basicly IT stuff.
My washing machine is suppose to arrive today as well, but it didn’t happen, so I called the customer service to check out what’s going on, and she told me that the stock won’t be in until 29 Sept, ridiculous, so I called Megamart back to organise for a replacement. He find a similar one for me, the brand is Bosch with 6.5 kg, 1000rpm and water saving higher that Samsung. Unfortunately it will took another 2 weeks before it can be delivered. So I said ok, since I will be away for the weekend, that there is not much options.

Flying home

I was here staying in an apartment, which the lower level looks like the lower level of a restaurant or something. I live with mom as well.
There is an emergency so I had to fly back home, I can’t remember what the emergency was about. We are flying on a small aeroplane, and before we knew it it is already landed, but not on the usual run way. So we hopped off, and look around. Then I spootted Uncle Hotman and his wife sitting in the front row getting ready to leave the plane as well. Uncle Hotman just put on a camo suit which I thought he bought from here. Then I jumped back on the plane cause it is still steering towards the hangar. And jumped off just before it entered the hangar.

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