Meet Jhonny

Guess who I bump to this morning, John Howard. I was walking to work from Flinders street station and walking pass the Princess brigde. There is a wheel chair guy in front of me. Before I notice John walked pass me with couple of security guy, and saying hello to the guy in the wheel chair.
I was just too amazed to say anything. I think only here in Australia you can bump to the Prime minister casually while you walk to work.

Half a Snake

I was invited by one of my cousin to a place like a herbarium or something. Not sure what I am doing there, but the next thing I know, someone is screaming there is a snake. And I did see it. It is actually half a snake, the tail was sort of missing, and it’s kinda big too.
I am trying to capture the snake, and I manage to cature it in the Cardboard. Then before I knew it the snake somehow evolved into a person with missing limb.
He is too scared to talk, and I am trying to pull himself together, so he can tell his story. Apparently he is in the place one day and a tree branch fell on him and broke his leg. He survive by eating rats and all other small animals he can find.
I wanted to help him, but he is too embarassed to faces his family especialy his girl.

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