Upside down world

I was visiting a cave, which have stalactites and stalagmites. One of the stalagmites are broken and light up. One of the team member tried to pour some water in it. The water from stalactites actually make the fire even bigger, because of some residue of the limestone. So the only way is to break it to smaller pieces.

After being it up to smaller pieces, we went through the cave tunnel and endup in a big living quarters. There are some windows looking out. It was fascinating. To look at the view outside, it seems that we are upside-down. I look into the window and see mu own reflection. It is as if I’m lying down on pebbles on the side is the beach. I need to take this photo, I thought. This is some sort of illusion. So I took out my mobile phone and take the photo.

There are other parts of the outside scenery that looks fascinating, the path where the ocean meet the shoreline, but from where I stand it seems that it was upside down. The I saw two people appear outside wanted to get in, knocking on the window but we can’t help them as we don’t know how to direct them to the entrance. Eventually the water level raised and the drowned in front of my eyes with their face a bit squashed by the water pressure.

Odd, when I think about it since when ocean suddenly gulped the shoreline. Looking around the room, I found there is an outside garden to relax on, and I quickly went to join a bunch of people that already joined. I squeezing in between some of the girls, one of them seem to resembled Ingrid, and I asked why did engine wear pink? She casually reply, “It is because this is a pink zone”, and pointing to the pink wall in front of us. Then I realized that I’m also wearing pink. Then I’m trying to take a selfie, only then I notice that the whole thing is an illusion, as my reflection on the camera is my original clothing, along with everyone else.

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