Unplanned Holiday

Must be the weather, I had a quite long dream, it started when I am talking a holiday with my old mate Harianto and Mul. It seemed that we go to a hotel for a break, still in town, cause I actually plan to sneak back to work that day. But one thing leads to another and I couldn’t go to work, being that day Monday, I need a doctor’s certificate, so I think I am ok, just need to go to doctor.
I thought I didn’t have any clothes when I want to take shower, but it turned out to be in the other suitcase that I am carrying.
So jumping to shower, it is a long bathroom with a small gap between the door, even after you close it. Before I take shower, some one yelled, something about, come have a look. And after a while all this little midget was crawling through the small gap. I am like what the?
So I am out of the bathroom in no time, and Anto was asking whether I want to go out to check out around town, and we take his motorbike. He is willing to teach me how to ride, so I ride infront and he sit at the back, while controlling the brake and gear.
Wierd thing, the motorbike always tilted up and it takes a while before tilted back down. Kinda dangerous stunt.

At one point I was chatting to him about Sealand, and how piratebay was going to buy that. And he told me that they already acquire Sealand, and now their share prices jumps 41%. I was like shit, I mean to buy that share.

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