Water element 

The fourth element of effective thinking is water : seeing the flow of ideas, look back and look forward. There is always more. We need to understand that each invention is an incremental improvement of the previous one.

To adopt this, extend your idea, all idea can be extended. You will need to see the world as it is now in order to be able to look forward into the future.

Air element 

The third element of effective thinking is Air :this is to say that we can create solutions out of thin air. Create a questions to challenge your own assumptions, be your own Socrates. The easiest way to learn about something is to teach them, by doing this you will need to understand the matter deep. Another important things to note is framing the question, this is a important as answering them.

Sometimes answers can lead to questions. What if, this allow us to see the world differently. Always ask yourself a question, what is the real question. This will allow you to fix the root cause and not just solving problem that will lead up to more problems later.

In this life we need to define our definition of success, this can be done by framing the question what success mean to you. Without knowing this, you will always constantly chasing you tail.

In summary we always needs to question the questions.

Effective thinking

The book “The 5 elements of effective thinking” describes what fundamental elements related to effective thinking. It is a thought provoking way to provoke thought. The analogy is the hero in a movie is usually a person who change the most. To be able to reap the most out of the book, you will need the following strategy :


Do the exercise

Make it second nature

The first element is earth : ground your thinking. What it means is to understand simple things deeply. Focus on solving the simpler problem. Try to declutter and see what is possible.