Alternate ending

I was in different movie stories, it was a suspense thriller movie. There was 3 people including myself. One of them is Peter Szy, a girl who looks like star in fast and furious. We are solving how she died or pretend to die. It involved some silver infection to the blood stream. In the first ending, the girl died, the mystery not solved. We can change the ending by introducing another character into the movie. So it was collaborative effort to trick the audience. In one ending, all the character was called in one at a time and the plot against the last one, he is the one that will die to protect the secret of others. In another ending,we manage to save everyone, but then they run up to the wall and disappear, leaving me trapped in the building as I can’t jump through the wall.

Then there was the making scene of the movie, how the set was constructed, the fake water tap, which doesn’t looks real to me, the pits in the room that was filled with water. Then I had to wake up.

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