Pirate ship battle

I was on a cruise ship, and suddenly realized something out in the horizon. The cloud formation change, it looks like sea water was sucked out into the sky. Then the cloud formed, thundering down. Some planes appeared, then fall down to the sea. Many more planes appeared in the sky, all of them being shot down, broken into pieces and fall down from the sky.

A machine gun battle sounds was heard in the distance. Explosion in the sky was seen. Then a guy suddenly appeared in the ship with big machine gun. He started to shoot at us with his huge machine gun. Some of the shell hit me but I didn’t feel anything. Some other guys yelled that it hurt. The guy yelled enjoyed the price. I suddenly realize that you can crack open the shell and there is a message inside. The first one I open had a comic strip inside. The guy was running away, while emptying his machine guns around. I quickly grab a few more shell which now looks more like a cut off coke bottle. I found one with a shiny coke flags that says free coke. I assume this is the prize the guy was talking about. One of my friend in the ship was trying to pinch it off me. I quickly secured it into my pocket. And while thinking on how can I trade the prize, I suddenly woke up.