Orange Island

We start late, having breakfast at the halal restaurant closer to our apartment. On the way back, one of the guy outside the restaurant teach us how to use wechat to call a taxi. We need a China mobile phone to be able to do so.

So we try to use it for the first time. But we get mixed up between the east gate and the south gate, the taxi is waiting at the south gate, but we are in East gate, everything turn out ok in the end he grumpily came to pick us up at the east gate. We took taxi to the metro station. Then catch the metro train to Juzizhou station. It took us directly to the island.

We bought the sight seeing ticket for 80 Yuan, which include the ferry ride around the island and the bus within. The bus took us to the ferry. We boarded and catch a seat. I went up on the upper deck to be able to catch a good scenery photos. The young Chairman Mao, statue is located in the South tip of the island. When the ferry circle around they ask us to went on for about of entertainment. Started with a lady singing a song and followed by a scholars write a beautiful Chinese calligraphy, which cost from 100 tp 200 Yuan. It is quite cheap for the quality of the writing and paper. One of the writing cost 600 Yuan which consist of poem by chairman Mao.

From the we walk around visiting a few scenic spots, such as former resident of Tang Shengzhi. Then we catch the sight seeing bus to the statue of young Chairman Mao. After taking some photos. We head south to the Wang Jiang Pavillion, and the point where Chairman Mao pointing to the country.

From there we head back north end of the island to check to Jiangshen temple. After offering some prayers and some donation, we stop by the local tourist shop to buy some souvenirs. From here we head further south to the Gongji building, which is opposite to the Juzhou island beach park. The park seems to be under some renovation, most of the animals lantern is under repair. So we decided to head back to the metro station via the tourist bus again.

From metro station we head to the Wuyi square to check out the downtown buzz. It was pretty crowded with youngsters dressing up hip hop and attending make up and hair salon. We stop by for some local snack and settle in to have dinner in one of the local restaurant having spicy fish and three other vegetable dishes.

After dinner we had back the Wuyi square station, which is also the Metro interchange under a big shopping mall. We catch our metro line 2 back to Shawan Park which cost 3 Yuan.

Yuelu Mountain

We woke up early, but took a while to get ready. The trip started with a Taxi ride from our airbnb accommodation North gate to the Shawan Park subway station. It cost 9 Yuan. Then we took the subway to Yingwanchen station, which cost us 4 Yuan each. Then we went out from exit 3 and walk towards the east enterance of the Yuelu Mountain.

Initially we wanted to take the chair lift, Unfortunately it is not allowed for person over 60, so we had to take the car ride instead. The return ride cost 30 Yuan each. We enter from the east enterance, the car took us to the sight seeing corridor. We look around for the view, but can’t compare with the view in Zhangjiajie.

After checking out the view from the top and taking a few photos. We head back a little to the list of restaurant that we drive past. I ordered a spicy noodle soup. Then we walk back and take the car down the South Gate. The car dropped us at the souvenier shop. And after taking a few more photos we exit the gate. Along the road they’re so many snack food and we can’t resist but to buy a few, the satay, chilli rice cracker, hamburger and an egg wrap.

Then we walk past Chaiman Mao’s statue, and into the main road. The road was packed with cars as it was peak hour. We then catch the bus no 902 back to the Yingwanzhen station and catch the subway back to Shawan Park station. Then we exit no 3 and catch a private car sharing for 10 Yuan back to our apartment complex.

For dinner we went back to our local halal restaurant, I had their fried burger which taste fantastic.