Yuelu Mountain

We woke up early, but took a while to get ready. The trip started with a Taxi ride from our airbnb accommodation North gate to the Shawan Park subway station. It cost 9 Yuan. Then we took the subway to Yingwanchen station, which cost us 4 Yuan each. Then we went out from exit 3 and walk towards the east enterance of the Yuelu Mountain.

Initially we wanted to take the chair lift, Unfortunately it is not allowed for person over 60, so we had to take the car ride instead. The return ride cost 30 Yuan each. We enter from the east enterance, the car took us to the sight seeing corridor. We look around for the view, but can’t compare with the view in Zhangjiajie.

After checking out the view from the top and taking a few photos. We head back a little to the list of restaurant that we drive past. I ordered a spicy noodle soup. Then we walk back and take the car down the South Gate. The car dropped us at the souvenier shop. And after taking a few more photos we exit the gate. Along the road they’re so many snack food and we can’t resist but to buy a few, the satay, chilli rice cracker, hamburger and an egg wrap.

Then we walk past Chaiman Mao’s statue, and into the main road. The road was packed with cars as it was peak hour. We then catch the bus no 902 back to the Yingwanzhen station and catch the subway back to Shawan Park station. Then we exit no 3 and catch a private car sharing for 10 Yuan back to our apartment complex.

For dinner we went back to our local halal restaurant, I had their fried burger which taste fantastic.

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