Original – part 2

In the old days, when people are digging up the coal mine, sometimes there are poisonous gas, and to know for sure they sent a canary to the mine, if it came back that means the are no poisonous gas. You need to be the canary in the coal mine.

Some of the philosphy of Ray Dalio the founder of the biggest investment firm Bridgewater are :

  • brings problem to be discussed
  • stop problem log
  • he setup baseball card with stats about his employee using 77 principles.

Listen like you are wrong and argue like you are right.

Interview your employee for ideas of improvement when they start and not when they leave.

You will need to activate the “Go” button, don’t have to do this yourself, but ask people impacted to deliver the message.


If you think that entrepreneurs are more risk averse compared to the rest of us, then think again. Most of them are not.

You will have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince. The biggest idea comes from quantity, so get used to it.

Research had shown that if you spend 6 minutes on generating idea, it makes one to be better when doing an assessment.

On a separate research one group of people was asked to list 3 good things in their life, and the other group is asked to list 12 good things in their life, the group that was asked to list 12 things feels their life is bad, because it is much harder to list 12 things that are good, so their impression is that their life is bad. On the other hand if the question is turn around to list 12 things that are bad in their life, it makes them feel good about life because it is much harder to list the bad things, so their life wasn’t that bad.

Procrastination is the source of creativity, E.g.: Leonardo da Vinci didn’t finish the MonaLisa until later after he pause and learn about how light and shadow works.

Sometime you will need to wait until you are a bit sleepy for random ideas to pop in, the subconscious mind have much more creative idea than our conscious mind.

Use the mid point time to re-plan and re-discuss an idea.

In the world of entrepreneurs, pioneers have less chance of survival, while the settlers have much higher chance of success as the can learn from the mistake from the pioneers and make the corrections accordingly.

Be an experimental innovators, good things come to those who wait.