Visited My ancestors Village

The relatives in China is super host. Looking after us very well. Auntie Siau Cen is our host. We had a massive breakfast consist of congee, vegetables pau (Chai pau) very soft and silky, fried pork bun, stir fried string less bean fresh from the garden, chaipo fried egg.

Finishing that we went to Cimpo’s place, she lived with her second son, Uncle A Li, next door was Uncle A Tiong. He had a big water feature at the back yard. His wife even know how to make bika ambon.

Then we proceed to Auntie A Lu’s house. She had a massive 5 gold fish in the living room. Her daughter is expecting another child in November.

Then we visited our ancestor place. It is like labyrinth. We visited a temple where someone had meditated under the tree and becoming god. One of the auntie offered to cook us lunch. They are the guardian of the ancestors house. So we accepted, while we are waiting, we visited another relative who lived just a few doors away. The serve us with tea, the house is huge, consist of 3 houses in size. They are selling timber used in construction for putting cement.

We are spoilt by the host’s delicious dishes, they also served us mango, star fruit, and watermelon.

After lunch we visited cousins from my grandmother side. They are also now retired with good live, we are served with tea. After chatting for a while, we visited his brother who open a tuck shop. Then we proceed to the ancestor village, the village looks deserted, people had moved away for better life, the houses are left for pilgrimage to go and pay a visit.

That night we are spoilt with the dinner on the newest restaurant down town that is just opened in New year. The room was excuisite. It was massive with a karaoke built in. After dinner my cousins sangs for awhile, then we head home.