Red Sports car

I was in LA, well at least that’s what I believe, cause the town looks pretty much like Los Santos in GTA. I walk passed the border, and some one will shout asking me not to cross.
I was just finished working, and walking towards my car in a parking lot, then I saw Julia, and Horn in there, saying hello to both of them, I am trying to stalk Julia, but it didn’t work very well. So I keep walking towards my car, what do you know I had a driver, and it is a red sports car. Don’t know what brand though, but it is always parked beside an F1 car.


I was in a temple, with someone, and we are intended to give some offering. But something is just not right, either the way the monk lit up the candle, or the way the prayer is being done. But none the less the prayers go a head.
Then I was some where in Indo, the wierd thing is I had to go to a house near the ocean, and was being sent there by a rickshaw or something like that. To my surprise, my late Grandmother was there, and I almost forget what to say, and say hello to her and hugged her. One wierd thing though is the currency we use there, it is using dollars and cents, so curiously I asked, which currency we are using now, and the answer is the Singapore’s currency, well I thought the economy must be so bad.

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Hui’s PR is approved

Finally, Hui’s pr had been approved. I almost thought there is something wrong with her application, but thank God it all went ok. Sweet, all things seems to fall in to place.
If only I got the confirmation about the bloody washing machine.