Worm invested house

I was working in this house. And there is a girl servant also working there. When it is time to go home, she piggy back me home on a bike or something. Then I entered the first room, at that point I had the urge to have a dump.
So I asked her not to look and squat down to do my business. Yes on the ground, it is somehow a toilet as well. When I was just about to finish. There is this woman come looking for my mom, and I said she is not at home, try her mobile. She was saying whether I wanted to pay for the phone call. I said yeah sure when I am working with the phone company. I asked the servant to let her in to the main hall, and grab me a bucket of water so I can clean up. Suddenly I notice there is a well full of water, so I use that. When I finished I realise that the room I am in had a dirt floor and was invested with worms, the servant screamed and disgusted. I ran into the main hall, and decided I am going to take a shower.