Things to do when you are bored – Day 16

I woke up the usual time, and preparing to fix the couch. I had also promised mom and my brother to go to temple in South Melbourne.

1. Went to pray in the See Yup temple in South Melbourne, there are two massive roast pork used as offering

2. Went to fix the couch in the apartment, it is a pain, as one of the rivet broke and got stuck, Mom went to have a swim with my brother while waiting for me. I broke the drill bit so can’t finish the job

3. Drop off my Bro at local Aldi, to shop for pizza

4. Hang all the laundry, matras protector, towels and quilt cover, while not forgetting to water the pomegranate plant.

5. Drive my brother to pick up some coffee beans

6. Went back to the apartment with new fresh sets of drill, but broke it again, so I have to make do with what I had done and rivets the belt in.

7. Ironing the quilt cover and pillowcases, while watching “Deadpool 2”, similar to the first, totally not family friendly although, he claimed it to be a family movie, still full of violence and littered with lines from other movies and dark jokes

I’m feel tired after all that, so didn’t get chance to touch the arduino code.

Things to do when you are bored – Day 15

I woke up the usual time and quickly get ready and watered the pomegranate tree that I had “Air layered”. I’m not too sure whether the tree will survived. Then I did the following :

1. Mow the front and the back lawn, and also weed the side

2. Went to clean the apartment, it is quite dirty, so it took a while.

3. Went swimming for 20 minutes nonstop, while waiting for the laundry to finish.

4. Went home to hang all the washing because it was a good day with the sun or all day.

5. Went to Surrey Hills to clean the ceiling, also clean the back bedroom window outside. Jerry came to pickup more stuff from the garage.

6. Went home to pick up all the clothes that I hang to dry.

7. Ironing the bed sheets, quilt cover, pillows cases and all my shirt while watching “Batman Bad Blood”, it was an animated with the story of batman gone missing, and being brain washed, by his crazy ex-girlfriend who is the mom of Robin and try to take over the world.

Judging from all the task, it is not a bad day.

Things to do when you are bored – Day 14

I finished work quickly and there are a bunch of things to do. Finally the wrap up auditors report can be concluded. Then I did the following:

1. Drop some towels to the apartment

2. Water the pomegranate plant. It looks a bit sad, shedding some leaves, I’m wondering whether it will survive.

3. Take all the dried clothes in

4. Went to have dinner at mom’s place, pick up the ladder

5. Went to Surrey Hills to patch up some holes all around getting the surface ready for painting.

6. Ironing quilt cover and bed sheets and pillow cases while watching “Perfect Wedding”, it is such a chick flick. I also folded all the clothes.

7. Continues to work on the fibonacci clock code

I feel very productive today.

Things to do when you are bored – Day 9

I started the day with looking after the pomegranate tree that I just “Air layered”. I’m watering it to make sure that it can survive. Here are the list of things that I had done :

1. Hang all the bed sheets and quilt cover because the sun is out

2. Fix mom’s broken coffee grinder. The usual problem, the safety switch is clogged up with guff, so I cleaned it up with baking soda and vinegar solution

3. Went to my brother’s place and catching up with old mates from Belawan

4. Start air layering another pomegranate branch.

5. Trim down a tree at the front where I hang the Christmas light, after taking down the Christmas light of course

6. Clean up the back patio of Surrey Hills, and clean the hall way with sugar soap

7. Iron all the bed sheets and quilt cover and pillowcases while watching “Ant man and the Wasp”

Quite a list of things, quite proud of myself.

Things to do when your are bored – Day 5

Day 5 star started to drag on a little bit, so here is what I had accomplished.

1. Taking Mom to the Eye and Ear hospital for her eye injection. Yeah sounds quite scary

2. Went to buy some bed sheets

3. Drive Mom to the market and while waiting, getting her prescription medications

4. Post a parcel on behalf of Wifey

5. Patch some holes on the wall, I counted about 11 of them.

6. Sorting out old boxes of motherboards, video cards, modem and mobile phone

7. Throw out old letters and keeping all the stamps

8. Ironing the quilt cover and bed sheets while finished watching Zoolander 2.

9. Watched “God of Egypt”, quite a good movie about the life in acient Egypt and search for eternity.

I might not seems alot at the start until I listed it all out. Now I feel much better.