Things to do when you are bored – Day 22

It is back in the weekend, and here are what I did,

1. Went to have a haircut, and buy some groceries

2. Went to clean the apartment.

3. Went swimming for 30 minutes non stop, a bit crowded today

4. Hang all the washing

5. Went to Surrey Hills to clean the first bedroom wall, then I clean some of living room wall, and the living room windows, it was quite filthy

6. Ironing all the pillow cases, quilt cover and bed sheet while watching “Blood sucking bastard”. It was a low budget movie about vampire in the office. Pretty bad movie. Then I also watched “Black Hat” but only half way through, it is about hacker that cause chaos, by exploding a power plant and shorting soy bean price.

Then I went to bed at about 12:30AM.

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