Back in Poli

I was in Indo back at Politechnic, and with the bunch from my class. I think they are trying to copy one the the assignment or something. Then my book must have been handled mischieviously or something bad had happened. Which makes me angry, so I told some of them off and goes about my business again. Then Ingan came trying to persuade me out of my mood or something, for some reason he end up cutting my hair, and I heard this scrathing sound at the back of my head, wierd stuff. And that’s when the Prof who are teaching us walked in, he was casually commenting on my hair that was being cut, and while I responded with something. Then the wierd thing is he started saying something to me in English, as if spoken to me only, to one of his questions I responded with “I hope so” and he started teaching.

Looking 4 car

Not sure why, I guess there it a pressure to have a car. So here I am waiting to look at Nissan x-trail 2003 ST, now there is plenty of car arround, just a matter of which one u want & how much money you r willing to spend on it. On one side Mom asking me to get a big car, family car. But I don’t have family yet & not going too have one soon by the look of it. The other side of me wanted to save those money for something more important. Afterall it is like 20k we are talking about here. Plus the annoying bit like tax, rego & stinkin insurance. The money can be used 4 deposit of another house as an investment which can help getting some of my tax money back. Well I suppose you can’t have everything. I think I better lock in how much I’m willing to spend, probably not more than 20k. Probably something like 15k.

No Permission

I was about to go to temple and have some prayers. The temple had recently moved so I never been to the place before. I drove all the way in, and then people stopped me saying that I had done something wrong, and didn’t stop at the gate to pray and asked for permission before I entered. I had to get out of the car, and asked for forgiveness with all the side altar. For some reason I remembered he is Chong a fie being buried. And I think I saw his tombstone in one of the altar, badly placed. When I had finished, I am allowed to continue with my ritual, I saw Mom was already there, and late Grandpa is there as well.
I was being asked by Cien ko-ko to install a mini PABX in the attic. I found the attic was full of stuff, mainly toys, cheap imported toys. After finding the spot & the right cables, I notice that you want something permanent not on top of all this boxes. So we started cleaning it up. And I found a few that I like, such as the Enterprise miniature but the quality is not acceptable.

Busy Days

Had a busy days back to back, Gf’s birthday yesterday and V Day today. Had dinner at Izikaya on Lonsdale st yesterday.
And today just had dinner with Hui at home, me cooking of course, special noodle and fried prawn in oyster sauce. Not to forget a rose to light up her day.

Wierd ski

I was in some sort of competition. I think some sort of olympic. The ski is done squatting down & sliding down the slope the only manuevre you need to do is lean to the left & to the right and make sure u didn’t fall. I am getting good at it. & win a few times. And I decided that’s what I’m going to do.

Back in Tricom

I was going back and walking pass one of Tricom branch, and had a quick look. I saw Lina was teaching, so I said hello to her and say a few words as if I am still working for them, but can’t be bothered to take lots of classes. So casually I asked whether they had any vacancy and she said yes they do, and the pay is guaranteed to be much better than anywhere else. So I make a point to tell Hui about the vacancy. Then I move along to a bigger branch, this time it is almost as if I am going back to teach one of the classes that I had abandoned for more than 6 months, and someone (it could have been Selamat) told me that the class don’t exist anymore. Fair enough, I had been away for too long. Funny thing I had at the back of my mind is I am positive that I had at least one class to teach still.

Jerri went back

Carrying a big suitcase full of papers for Mida, my bro left for the airport. As mom suggested, I went with him to Oak Park st. And with Hap’s permission drove him to the airport. Before that we still got chance to have a quick dinner. Mom’s rendang & chilli anchovies taste fabulous. The trip from Hap’s house takes about 20 mins, mainly because there is a small accident on the Tullamarine freeway.

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ACC Moving

The final confirmation is not yet released, but the Director had emailed everyone yesterday afternoon that ACC will be moving to Surrey Hills, that is like one station away from mine. I can walk to work now, and probably don’t have to spend money on tickets, almost $100 saving a month, a good news to start a new year.

Another Big Dinner

Almost like CNY eve, but this one is on the 8th of the first month. So Wilson and Wenty are invited, so does Hap & Hui. The dishes are quite a treat, staring with sharkfin soup, and then spring rolls, oven baked chicken with vermicelli noodle. Not to forget the white bait anchovy.

Zach is back

I was living with Zach again in some sort of boarding house. The house looks a lot like a bunker. The room is in the open area. There are rows of bathroom, a bigger than normal bathroom. One morning I was chatting with him at dining table, I said I am going out to get some groceries. Then he pointed to me a news paper ad of a plasma tv, and asking me to get one of those as well while I am out. I said I don’t have that kind of money unless he wanted to lend me his credit card. To my surprise he said ok, and show me his wallet. And I went to have a look at his colourfull gold amex. Later he said it wouldn’t work, cause it will tip the credit card fraud alarm. I said that’s ok and he should just reported it as stolen, and we get the tv for free.
But I gave him his card back, and head to take a shower. For some reason it is getting dark. And the first bathroom light that I checked was out. Then I checked the second one. It was out as well. I rechecked them again & again pretty sure they are working before, but apparently they are not. Probably it is quite bright earlier, so I didn’t need the light.