Dodgy Restaurant 

I was dining in a new restaurant which looks new but, some part is badly renovated. Part of the roof still have old tiles and leaking leaving, yellow water stains. Seems overall, it’s been touch up with fresh coat of paint. 

After dinner when we pay the bill, it comes as a shocking $345 or something for a three person meal, mom, Hui and myself. Then we realise it was a rip off, because you can only pay cash.

Temple hopping

I was driving Koko and stopping by to take a shortcut. I end up parking in one of the temple, it was Guan Yu’s temple at the end of the rows of temples. Then from there, I walked across carrying something heavy and tall to another temple, which followed by a connection to yet another one. Then we bump into someone that we know, so we stop to say hello, apparently she just recovered from a broken arm. Then I left Koko to get back to the car from the main street instead.

It appears that I’m in my home town Belawan, I stop to admire the second temple which is under construction, never seen that magnificent temple before. They build a replica of the old temple which is falling apart. I took out my phone to take a picture, but as I was walking it disappeared behind a wall.

I entered the last temple, which turned out to be Goddess of mercy temple. Half way through I can’t find how this can exit to Lord Guan’s temple, I back out and over heard someone speaks hokkien, I turned around and found she was Ahun Koko, so I stopped to say hello. That’s when I woke up.

Prototyping workshop 

I went with James to his friends prototyping workshop. He is in the middle of creating a watch that can be connected to the computer via USB and perform something else. He just think and out came the prototype. Round watch with long side winder, quite bulky to be honest. Then he gave it to his assistant so that he can match it up to the other pair that he had conjured up earlier.

James meanwhile builds a tank model that have a fan underneath to stimulate the sound of a moving tank. I looked at my watch and is time to go home for dinner. In the mean time I glanced over my phone, Jurassic Park movie was on, and somehow it was crossed with transformer. And the ending is Star wars, where C3Po landed on earth and Marines arrived to secure the site.


We plan to have a camping at Philip Island, but the is a bad weather warning. So I was going to investigate with Ernad. 

Going home is a challenge as I had to navigate through obstacles and I’m on a raft. Jumping or ducking is the normal exercise to avoid falling into the water. 

The sky was weird, background in the distance was a decaying building that looks rusty and about to disintegrate upon touch.

We had to sign some sort of petition form before we are allowed to go out camping. I’m driving my X4, but seems smaller with no both space, and far distance to steering wheel. Steering wheel can be adjusted by pulling it closer. I felt that I’m driving a bat mobile.

Once again I had to navigate through the obstacles, this time with CK, Eris and Fernando. I was telling CK and Eris to jump over the obstacles, but it was too late. They tip over and one of the pipe came off. There is an observer that came out instructing me to fix the pipe, so I had to grab the pipe that is under water and connected it back. Meanwhile CK and Eris is back on the raft.

That when I woke up.