Yam Cha with Chuni

Just came back from Yam Cha with Chuni and her new bf, Sammy and 3 other people, Romeo, and two others that I can’t remember their names. Good to meet new people, and expand a bit. Finally I found some one who I can go skiing with, the one that regularly go. Sam seems to be quite good at it, since he mention about hanging out in half pipe and stuff. We had Yam cha at Dragon boat and then I handed Wilson some cds for Seng, and then heading to Myers for some windows shopping and Ice cream, yum.

Keyboard battery dead

In the middle of chatting with Jerri, my keyboard battery died. Hmm it seems like it suck the battery pretty quick.
Installed Yahoo messanger earlier to chat with my gf but because I got shaped, it takes forever and by the time it is installed she already logged off. But manage to chat for a bit with Willy regarding his future plan to migrate here and take citizenship.

Submarine Bus

I was in a trip somewhere across the ocean with a bunch of other people. I don’t think I knew any of them. So we are busy enjoying the scenery and then suddenly there is an emergency and we need to get back home ASAP. So the group leader organise a bus, a unique bus that can go underwater. I couldn’t believe it. When we all hop on the bus, I keep asking the driver whether this thing can go underwater, it seems like all the window is tighly sealed with rubber, but still allow the flexibility to be open when it is on land. So finally the bus start moving, and I am waiting for the bus driver to announce where we are heading and what he is going to do, that sort of stuff.
To kill time the tour leader starts the story on how he manage to get the bus cheaper than it’s usual price which is $4300 for a one way trip, then he casually asked me to guess, cause I happened to sit at the aisle. So I yelled out $4100, and that happened to be the correct answer.

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Lynn’s Birthday Dinner

I just came home from Lynn’s birthday dinner at Izikaya, Japaneese restaurant on Lonsdale st. The food is great, ox tounge, raw beef, I am surprise I can eat those sort of stuff, some sushi as well. Had a Japaneese beer to go with it then Green tea ice cream for desert. Sharon, Kerby, Sofian & Kevin was there. Hot gossiping about Von and Gary, well something is waiting to happened.
I just find out that Gary is not moving to Sofian’s new house. So there goes.
Connex was so crap and unreliable, I had to wait one and half hour for the train, first nothing comes o Melbourne Central, so wait and wait, then being directed to bus, which never seems to came, so hop on tram on Swanston, but traffic jam at Lt. Collins St. So tram driver was nice enough to let us out. But then the next train is like 12:25 am, but it doesn’t actually depart until 12:35 am I think. Sigh I really need a car, so lazy with all this kind of shit.

Cool weekend

Finally I get my time around to rolller blade. So after doing groceries in vic market, I head down to St.Kilda beach roller blading. The weather was nice on Saturday arfo, windy blowing towards Port Melbourne, I haven’t done this for a few weeks now, feeling so unfit, especially after the blood donation last Wednesday.
But to be honest I think it is the wind factor, because it is so much easier to go one way with tail wind.
So after one round, I decided to hang out on the beach, relaxing and just watching people walk passed.

Then at about 5 PM heading to Port Melbourne to catch tram 109 back to city, got to pickup some stuff for Mom.

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Snap on Helicopter

I was playing with Seng. I build a snap on Helicopter out of the box. Seng was building a different thing. Out from the box you can choose what to make, whether it is a helicopter or a motor bike, but not both; because it shared the middle section. So Seng build lilke a robotic shield with turrets to attack my helicopter. I skirm my chopper low to avoid the attact, and at one point decided to build a second vehicle to counter attack, but I’m running out of pieces while Seng fortified his with the left over bits.

Chess competition

I was invited to a chess competition. Vaguely remember who the organiser are, but it seems that it’s got something to do with the chinese community club. It is organised in their club house.
Out of the blue I am presented with a comic book, which is in Chinese and I don’t understand. Then I vaguely remember I drop my pants somewhere, so I only had long shirt to cover my dignity, but then I realise the lights is out, and people are too preoccupied with the competition. I remember seing, one guy lost pretty quick by a check mate. Then for some reason I feel I need to wash my hair, and looking around for toilet that are hidden behind curtain. And I also had the urge to cover my self up, incase the light turn back on.

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Bad Baby

I was in a room, and seems like my room, but not in anywhere particular. Christina was there, and there is baby. Which kinda like a dog, who needs a walk in the afternoon, or it will shit all over the place.
It starts shitting on the bed, and then Christina trying to get it out the window, but can’t quite open it, so I try to help, and I asked her to try from the other end, so she went out while I try to open it from the inside. The baby getting more desperate and shit near the window frame, I am getting frustrated cause it is my room. Then finally Christina manage to open it, and I am trying to squeze the baby out, let it squat down, and it shit some more, and finally out the window.
When I looked at my shirt, there is something smelly and brownish, damn I got the shit.

Cool Mac OSx

Finally I can get my Mac OSX tiger to work properly, after patching the SSE2 to SSE3, then I patched the AppleAirPort to get it to work with my Dell Inspiron 8500 WIFI card. Then after long fiddling around with the WEP authentication, finally it all work happy.
I even learn how to do screen capture now with Command + Shift + 3 and Command + Shift + 4 to do partial capture.

Oh ya, my ITune also works and the Ipod was recognised when I plug it in.