Ordering Ipod

Boy, it seems like there is alot of things happened this weekend, I had a get together yesterday, but only Shamila turn out. And she was telling me about her new confidential project, which she needed to write using .net technology and read and write USB.
Earlier I ordered an Ipod nano from Apple’s website, cause I saw the one that belongs to Tim, last friday on they way buying some more blank DVD. It was a piece of art, it cost me $359, well let’s see how long before it is actually mailed to me. Free engraving comes with it if you order online. So I put the word Veni, Vidi, Void. Which I meant, I came, I see, I deleted your file.

Terrorist Centre

I was somehow related to a terrorist cente, I think I am kinda working there. The first instance is when I got the letter about a sexual act of the director of the centre, well the old director at least, which I accidentally open.
Then there is a kidnapped of director’s daughter on the spot. I saw the kidnapper with the girl, and pretend not to see, and Yahya some how walk passed me and asking me about the rumour that I was jailed for conducting a bad act, which I denied. When Yahya saw the terrist, he try to do something which I suggest not to. But at that point is too late, the terrorist fired and he was shot in the knee.
Then the girl bite the terrorist which then let her go, but there is actually two of them and suddenly become two girl. The second girl bite the second guy too. I saw their braces, boy it must hurt.

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Naked Call centre

I was in this world, where there is a seclusion in a call centre, ppl are working and being monitored from a huge glass window. I walk passed the glass on the way to meet someone. Then after the errand is done, I went back pass the glass, to my surprise there is a huge mass gang bang, in front of me, what happened is the whole call centre staff was having a bang of their life, wierd, I gasp and told my friend that is the biggest gang bang scene I had ever seen.

Finished Fable

I finished playing Fable – The lost chapter. First as the bad guy, you can instantly turn bad at the end of the game by wearing Jack’s mask. Then as a good guy. Quite an impressive game I should say.

Sadistic Doctor

I was somewhere with my cousin Hong & my mom. We are in a discussion how to earn money fast. Then some one has this idea about a doctor who can transplant. So we went to visit the doctor, his servant lead us to the living room where he sat on a round table. So we join him and he was offering Hong 10k, which she accepted without further thoughts. I asked Hong whether she is sure and understand the procedure completely. She smiled at me which I took as a sign of no. Then the doctor showed us some pictures, disturbing pictures. When I realised what he is on about, I explained it to Hong, that the procedure involved in taking her scalp off and transplanted it to some one who needed it. Then the doctor will put something in return which might look ridiculous. When she knew what is at stake, Hong doesn’t want to do it any more. So she returned the money. And we walked out.

Worm invested house

I was working in this house. And there is a girl servant also working there. When it is time to go home, she piggy back me home on a bike or something. Then I entered the first room, at that point I had the urge to have a dump.
So I asked her not to look and squat down to do my business. Yes on the ground, it is somehow a toilet as well. When I was just about to finish. There is this woman come looking for my mom, and I said she is not at home, try her mobile. She was saying whether I wanted to pay for the phone call. I said yeah sure when I am working with the phone company. I asked the servant to let her in to the main hall, and grab me a bucket of water so I can clean up. Suddenly I notice there is a well full of water, so I use that. When I finished I realise that the room I am in had a dirt floor and was invested with worms, the servant screamed and disgusted. I ran into the main hall, and decided I am going to take a shower.

Hover plane

I was in Melbourne, but the surrounding looks like Cien koko’s place. Mom was complaining about my long hair, and I think she cut it during my sleep, not cut it short but just trim the lower back, and I didn’t notice it until going to work the next day and brushing my hair. So I went to toilet to look at the mirror, and not only she cut, but she treated the hair as well and put a hat on top. I looked like Hook from peter pan movie.
Anyway there is an urgency and Mom and I had to get to Sydney so we hop on this hover plane that looks like a small scooter, I am surprise this thing can hold us both plus a pilot. We are ascending then suddenly drop, like a free fall. Then the pilot had to make an emergency landing back to where we started. He said there is something wrong with the engine.

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Goods Auction

I was in a place where they are doing traditional auction, some of the ppl, I recognise from the market. The wierd thing is it is only 2 lot, and there are mainly basic stuff, some vase, flower, useless stuff. Before I knew it there is nothing much left, only kids socks and shirt.
But there is an annoucement that the personal stuff action will be held somewhere else, something like Seville room or something. So I quickly move there, and to my surprise I actually recognise some of the ppl there, and Eng was there to wearing some of the personal jewellery that due to be actioned.
But the action was taking so long and everyone was impatient.