Kata improvement

Yesterday I heard about Kata improvement and decided that I will try to implement this at work, by starting to analyze what the end goal, where we are now, and what we can do to achieve it.
One thing I realize is that, documentation is not being used effectively. Developer still having issue creating test environment where it should be a walk in the park. The issue seems to be undocumented fault which reoccurring due to DEP (data execution prevention) in windows. Classic carelessness, which should have been documented and applied by dev manager, to save unnecessary “unplanned work” time.
The second thing observed is the issue with vendor always not giving the correct design, but when we challenge this and provide better solution, we are slugged with higher dev estimate, and higher testing estimate.
I need to document all this little things each day so that we can improve overall.

Ba test

I am booked in to have a test. Initially I wasn’t sure what the test is all about. I turn up, and there is a guy who are demoing some sci-fi related items such as star wars, star trek computers,etc there is even an old video of the first star wars. We are actually there waiting for everyone to arrive. Then I saw Theo was there too.
After everyone else was seated, the guy decided that there isn’t many BA that in the test, only then that it hit me this is the BA test that I had booked myself in. But I haven’t done any study at all.
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