Exam time

It seems tansy I am having exam, in a school, but all my class mate was my colleague from BMW, Phil, Noel, and few others. We hang around after the exam, then suddenly some one said the bad weather is coming and everyone was rushing to their car to get home. I collected all my stuff and put it in my bag and ran to the parking lot. That was when James yelled and I woke up.

Configuring WDS Wireless Distribution System with Billion 7404VGP and TP-Link WR340G

Configuring WDS Wireless Distribution System with Billion 7404VGP and TP-Link WR340G.

Make sure the following:

  • Both Routers must support WDS
  • WDS only work using WEP wireless security (not WPA-PSK)
  • Wireless channel on both router should be set to 6
  • Put the MAC address from client to host and vice versa
  • Enable DHCP on client and point the default gateway and DNS server to the Host


Mini Cooper convertible

I borrowed the red Mini Cooper Convertible for the weekend to please James. He was so excited when he saw it, and he kept saying “I can’t believe it” over and over again. When I told him that I had to give it back on Monday, he cried, and I can see tears coming out of corner of his eyes.

Move building

It seems like we are moving to another building at work, and one of the staff is looking network point to connect the computer. So I volunteered one of my cable, but unfortunately it doesn’t work due to the nature of my multiple connection. Then I suddenly remembered that all the table had been built with special connector at the surface to connect all of the computer. So I connect the computer to it, and it worked.
She is so happy, and she start asking me for some personal questions, which I am more than happy to answer. Some how I was in Belawan home and try to change my pants in the front stairs which have door.