New Mobile

I was sitting in some sort of cafe and taking to Hui about her new mobile phone, she is too excited about it, and then she was talking about her work, and how she need to get to work by 8:30 or something, which means that we need to leave home by 7:30 and that mean we need to wake up by 6:30, and I was thinking, that sounds almost impossible, cause I need my sleep.
So I suggested that she could probably use my car and I will figure out something else for myself. And suddenly she think of something and run inside, and just then I noticed that the funky phone box was on the floor and it looks pretty nice, so I picked it up and run after her.

Watching movies

I was trying to watch a movie with my Bro, and my Cousins Jeffry and Juliana. For some reason we arrive late at the cinema, and after checking the movie we want it is still available. Since it is cheaper to get a student price, so we use my Bro’s student card and one of my cousin’s student card. And apparently you can get 2 movie ticket using one student card.

Shaz House warming

I went to Shaz’s house warming last nite with Hui. Good time to catch up with all people. Lynn is coming back, had a short hair now. Angel is back to get her Citizenship. And Von just came back from Indo.
A new face, Jack (I think) Angel’s friend is there. Steam boat is nice, love all the sauce especially with chilly and bbq sauce. We left at about 11.
Photos are available here

Tall Lift

I was in a rush with my Bro. We are suppose to get to the top of one of the tallest building. For some reason I need to pee, and we know that the elevator journey will take a while so we need to look for toilet just to be on the safe side.
So we found one that is inside a pagoda at the corner. We went in and do our business, and the next thing I know we are at the top of the world.
The tallest building, and the next minute we are desperate to get down, and there is a long queue to the elevator, but we manage to squeze in cause the elevator can only fit 3 ppl, but the other person doesn’t want to left his friend behind.
So my Bro jump in and I sat on the chair inside the elevator and we were zooming down, and by the time we reached the bottom somehow my bro get our easily but I get stuck and had to get out quick before the elevator zoom back up again.

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It’s been a while

Well, I played tennis today, first time this year. Feeling a bit sore now, and I’m suppose to be in bed. Went to Highpoint and suppose to look for some bedding, but ended shopping something else. Nothing much really only shampoo and some interdental brush. Found some interesting stuff though, metal cast star wars models selling 4 $50. But somehow I did feel appealed to buy it.

Hit the slope

So here we come, man made snow, but what the heck.
I kept fall down until my bum hurt, it really hurt when you fall down on the icy snow. Just like hitting rock. Poor Hui who just learn how to snowboard. She fell a lot, I kinda feel sorry for her.
So I spend some time coaching her around. I hope at the end of the day she enjoy it as much as I did.

There is this couple getting married on the slope, quite interesting, didn’t see much of them, but I saw the photographer slip and fell.
The second part of blue bullet is technically close, but what the heck Hap and I went through it on the second day, fell on the soft snow, at least we like it, some part is not touched yet. I fell I’m beginning to rust a little bit, need to have a good run. Oh well..