Things to do when you are bored – Day 16

I woke up the usual time, and preparing to fix the couch. I had also promised mom and my brother to go to temple in South Melbourne.

1. Went to pray in the See Yup temple in South Melbourne, there are two massive roast pork used as offering

2. Went to fix the couch in the apartment, it is a pain, as one of the rivet broke and got stuck, Mom went to have a swim with my brother while waiting for me. I broke the drill bit so can’t finish the job

3. Drop off my Bro at local Aldi, to shop for pizza

4. Hang all the laundry, matras protector, towels and quilt cover, while not forgetting to water the pomegranate plant.

5. Drive my brother to pick up some coffee beans

6. Went back to the apartment with new fresh sets of drill, but broke it again, so I have to make do with what I had done and rivets the belt in.

7. Ironing the quilt cover and pillowcases, while watching “Deadpool 2”, similar to the first, totally not family friendly although, he claimed it to be a family movie, still full of violence and littered with lines from other movies and dark jokes

I’m feel tired after all that, so didn’t get chance to touch the arduino code.

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