Mom’s PR had been approved

There is a the letter from DIMIA stating that her PR had been granted. And She is eligible for the AMEP (Adult Migrant English Program) for free if she register within the first 3 months when her PR was granted. This will help her to improve her English to a functional level.

Pix Sport LED

Out order from ThinkGeek actually arrive a week ago, but unfortunately Jason is still sick, so I had to wait over the weekend before I got my toy.
Finally I got it today, it is a Pix Sport multifunctional Sports light. I comes with 6 modes, watch, stopwatch, counter, signal, MRD (Motion response display) and Message. I bought it for the messaging part, it is like you can express your thoughts so other ppl can see it, or just to annoy the hell out of ppl. The message part need time to get used to due to the fact that it only have 2 button (Button A and B) to program the thing, and there is no back space, you can only enter up to 30 character. But the LED is bright as anything, I wonder how long the battery will last, from the brochure it say it will last 70 hrs. But only time will tell. However it had a power saving mode and also a screen saver mode which presumably will save power.