Cecilia or not Cecilia

On the train this morning I think I spotted Cecilia, Andre’s cousin, she seems to be staring at me for a while when I took notice of her, but I couldn’t be sure since she looked away after that, but she did looks very similar.
Not sure where she hop on from probably Canterbury or East Camberwell, and when she hop off, she seems to have a reluctant smile when I stared at her.

Back to School

I was at home in Belawan, and getting reading to school, waiting for my Brother to get ready. I was in a hurry and I had to wait a few hours for him to get ready. Which mean I can’t do one of the errand on my list anymore.
The next thing I know I was sitting in a classroom and learning a lesson which looks like a mix between Geography and art. The teacher draw a map of the world on the black board and asked us to copy it down.
So I did try my best to copy it down as if it is a smaller version of the map onto my notebook. I made some error calculating the space, so I had to redo it on landscape overwriting the previous one.

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