Glow Ring

The glow ring that I ordered from Britain arrived today, in three colours Green, Pink and Blue. I think the green on is the brightest of all. It contain a small amount of Gaseous Tritium Light Source (GTLS) which is slightly radioactive and had the half life of 12 years, so it will lost half it’s glow in about 12 years.
Not as bright as I expected though.

Rose & Niko

I was in Indo with Rose, she happened to take her son Niko’s photo to be adjusted. I help her pasting the photos to the window display so that it can be sorted out later.
Later on I was constantly being reminded that I shouldn’t leave the house without a permit, and I’m like what the? Because of the constant nagging, I go and get one from the corrupt police, but since the process takes to long, I just told them that I had one and go out without it.

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