Vietnameese noddle

Just came back from buying snowboarding jacket for Hui, it cost w165000. I stop by a vietnameese restaurant next to Hak-dong station and having vietnameese noodle there. It is served with beef and brisket, with beansprouts, vietnameese springroll, and some preserved white radish. It is quite spicy after I pour the chilli sauce into the soup. It cost w8500.

Sashimi Lunch

Just start the day with the usual breakfast, Croissant, smoked salmon, salad with cherry tomatoes, then some dumplings, hashbrown, and porridge.
We went to Japaneese restaurant for lunch, and we had sashimi, it is served in a plate with one shrimp and one fish sushi, then in a bowl with fresh vegetable, full of raw sashimi. Then there is also assorted kimchi and seaweed, and peach juice. It cost w8800.

Spicy soup for Breakfast

Somehow I was dreaming about ordering breakfast on a pub, and I order what is the menu for lunch, because it is delicious spicy soup or something. The lady reluctantly allow me to do so. Otherwise I would have to had cereal like everybody else. Mom was with me as well.