Started with a quick breakfast, I only had a donut, smoke salmon, salad and porridge and then head to Gwanghwamun st. I saw Vishal & Somnath were there so finally they decided to hop on to the tour as well. The bus stop 2 times before we finally arrived at Gyeongju. I just missed the bus that can take me to bulgoksa temple, and I had been waiting for the last half hour. Finally bus 700 arrived, and it cost w1500 to get to bulguksa temple, it is ancient temple, with quite a large complex, but it is jammed packed with tourist, so I decided to take few pictures, then head back to car park. Bus 12 only depart every hr and the next one is 3:40 PM, and it will came down at 4:00 PM, so I don’t think I can make it back in time, so I decided to wait for the bus back.

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