Ipod Hangs

My Ipod hangs on me this morning, the silly thing stop on the last song screen that I played and stayed there when I try to recharge it via USB connection.
So I had to reset it, phew I thought something drastical happened.
To reset : toggle the hold button, then press & hold both Select & menu button for 6 seconds.

Sofian’s pre birthday dinner

I went out for dinner with Sofian, Gary, Vonny, Sharon, Fifi and Andrew. It is pre dinner before his brithday which is on 3 Nov. Andrew apparently just arrive as well to settle here for a year or so for his PR. He looks different a bit more uncleish.
We had a drink at Puccini and then head to Kumden for dinner and chit chat until late and when I am just about to head home with Shaz, Gary called to have another drinks at 3 Degree, so we went there again with Gary Sofian and Vonny.
More drinks until late, then went for supper at China Bar, hehehe kinda makes us feel young. I had Curry Chicken noodle which is not bad.
Then after feeling full we head home. I arrive at about 2 AM and thanks to daylight savings it is 3 AM. Shaz sent me home cause she stayed with her mom.