Short Courses

I’m being sent back to do some courses in hope to be able to get some certification. It started with some basic course that are pretty boring, then escalate to more technical one with exam in between.
After all the generic one we are about to enter a technical course. The class is located in some weird floor with slimy stairs. The room looks completely filthy. The instructor started to teach and he talked about variety of fish which look quite funky. One of the fish had it’s tail interlocked with another which means it’s got 2 head at both ends.
I had to shuffle next to Harianto to be able to take a good look at it. I tried to take a picture of the fish but suddenly the instructor lifted it up and squeeze the fish so that it will bite him. He said that is how the fish mean’t to be used.

Shortly after, the other Instructor is teaching other subject. I manage to take a peek at my progress card. I got five 6 and one 5 at the card which give me a progress off success as a recommend sales. I’m not quite happy with that and hoping to do better at some more technical subject.

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