On a Cruz

It all started when I board a cruise ship. I am on board with Mom, Cien koko and there is one more person, kinda blurry, perhaps my girfriend. The cruz is headed to the middle east. Sounds like a wierd place to go for a vacation. Mom asked me for direction at some point, and I went to the deck to check with my watch. I pointed about 10 – 11 o’clock to tell them where we are heading, and I also mention that the ship might be making a turn so I will have to check it again later.
Some how we all endup in a room, big room decorated with snapshot from the movie, all align along the edges of some sort of table with candles. I saw some poster of horror movie, and thinking of watching them, and then on second thought, I know Hui might not like them.
It seems that our journey is like the one in Tintin’s comic book, can’t remember exactly what is the title, but more likely it is “Crab with golden claw” or something.

The next scene I am in is I am watching my own adventure, but with Tintin on it, and I told them, that is not how it happened, because in my trip, Tintin is not on it. They somehow manage to dub Tintin’s character in, and he had this badly coloured hair. And pinkish trench coat, looks like it is washed with other coloured clothing.
So there is some scene that was being replaced and being dubbed with Tintin in it.

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