Back to Uni

I was in the middle of briefing of something and suddeniy my phone rang. I rejected the call.
After the briefing, I checked the call log, it turned out to be Ingan.
The next day I went to uni and met him in the waiting room. Opposite him sat Mompo, whom I haven’t seen for ages, so I greeted him.
When I turned around to the other set of sofa, I spotted Heriadi & Ahdiat were there. Then they sort of shuffle to our sofa and we start to chat about the test we are going to take that day. I said I haven’t prepared much cause I fell asleep while trying to study the other nite. But I felt confidence somehow cause the lecturer knows me well.

It turned out that day Ingan & Ahdiat had a bet about something and the looser had to dance naked. And Ahdiat lost so he start stripping & waggling his bum, not a pretty sight. We tease him a bit, that when I felt this is ridiculous.

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