Hit the slope

So here we come, man made snow, but what the heck.
I kept fall down until my bum hurt, it really hurt when you fall down on the icy snow. Just like hitting rock. Poor Hui who just learn how to snowboard. She fell a lot, I kinda feel sorry for her.
So I spend some time coaching her around. I hope at the end of the day she enjoy it as much as I did.

There is this couple getting married on the slope, quite interesting, didn’t see much of them, but I saw the photographer slip and fell.
The second part of blue bullet is technically close, but what the heck Hap and I went through it on the second day, fell on the soft snow, at least we like it, some part is not touched yet. I fell I’m beginning to rust a little bit, need to have a good run. Oh well..

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