Zhangjiajie Glass bridge

The trip started with a bus ride to the bus station, we end up having a chartered car to the Glassbridge. We thought it cost 400 Yuan, but it turnout to be 400 for one way. He dropped us near the entrance.

After passing the security check we went to the ticket office to change our ticket. It was the best, we don’t have to queue up, and went in straight away after putting on the shoe cover.

The view was spectacular, it looks a bit daunting at the beginning, but it was completely safe. We take lot of photos along the way, selfie and the like. The bridge is the longest with 300m connecting over the valley. Once we cross the glass bridge, we walk down the stairs to the bottom of the valley.

Once we get half way down we took the elevator down some more. Then continue down to the rainbow square where we can see the mountain top and the water fall near by. The continuing walk towards the bottom of the water fall along the stream.

We took numerous photos along the way. The walk snaking along the stream crossing it a few times and entering a few caves, one of them belongs to the bandits equip with a cannon. The walk ends at the cruise terminal, we took the cruise along the river to the end of the cruise terminal.

That is the end of the tour. We stop by to have some rice noodles and buying some snack souvenier. The car driver already wait for us in the parking lot. By the time we get back to the hotel it was almost 5 pm.

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