Yu Yuan garden and The Bund

We started with having breakfast at another Lantau noodle shop near the airbnb apartment we stayed. I had the spicy beef noodle with a beef fried burger. It taste as delicious as the one in Changsha. Then we catch the metro line 11 and change at Oriental sports centre to line 8 then change again at Laoximen station to line 10 and finally stopping at Yuyuan garden stop.

When we exit, we are right in the corner of a busy buzzing street again. The Yu Yuan garden is not as what I had imagined, it had been transformed into a tourist souvenier shops all over. Buzzing with snacks, buns and the like, we tour around taking lots of photos and stopping at one of the food court for lunch, it was packed with people. The food here is not cheap, we spend about over 200 Yuan for food and drinks, consist of noodles, dumplings, dimsums and the like.

From were we walk out while buying a few more souvenirs, we stopped by the wholesale market outside the Yu Yuan garden to buy a dress for Wen wen and Abby. We bought a Chinese dress for 120 Yuan for Hui. Mom and Koko bought a poncho for 80 Yuan each.

We then sit down for a rest eating ice cream in Gucheng park. After taking a few photos, we walk pass the park to The Bund area which is at the side of Huang Pu river. The walk is packed with people, mainly tourist taking lots of photos on the river bank, overlooking the Shanghai mansion towers and The oriental pearl Radio and TV tower.

Then we walk past the Bund sight seeing tunnel, but we give it a skip due to the stairs climbing requirement. Finally we head back to the Nanjing rd east station and head back to our home. Stopping by for dinner at the local noodle shop, I had their beef noodle.

The noodle taste fantastic.

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