Turtle temple and Drone

Jamie was bragging about his new turtle temple. It was built half way between ground floor and basement. There is a slide for the turtle to play, with some sand to slide on. The temple itself had a hole in the roof, which is connected to the ground floor. To give the hue from it. When I peek in, I saw a drone Park in the ceiling. Jamie said if I can get to it, I can have it.

So I start to find the entrance to the temple. Jie suggest that the electric switchboard is the entrance, but it was fully secured. Next to that was a box that cover the hole, and you can easily remove the box to get to the ground floor which is the temple’s ceiling. So I manage to crawl in and grab the broken drone.

So I try to fix the drone, trying to figure out which part connected to which. Eventual I almost built it back. And I saw one of the broken pcb and try to put it back together. That’s when Peter came and told me that it was his done that hit the pole. The guy Is here to fix it. So I showed him what I had done and want to have our back, but he wasn’t me to keep working on it. So I did connected 2 center piece and that’s when the drone come to life. Apparently the guy control it remotely. And she showed us how it works. Then she tested the safety feature. She spun a different mode, and it wouldn’t hit you when it came closer. That is the new feature. So she tested it by holding it closer to her arm and our arm.

James came running around want to see what is all the fuss. But the want to go to toilet.

So the drone is fixed. Peter paid the guys, but I jokingly said he should have paid me. So he did hand me some money, which I gave back to earn respect. And finally Pete is adjusting the remote, and I am going home because James had came back. That’s when I woke up.

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