Terrorist Centre

I was somehow related to a terrorist cente, I think I am kinda working there. The first instance is when I got the letter about a sexual act of the director of the centre, well the old director at least, which I accidentally open.
Then there is a kidnapped of director’s daughter on the spot. I saw the kidnapper with the girl, and pretend not to see, and Yahya some how walk passed me and asking me about the rumour that I was jailed for conducting a bad act, which I denied. When Yahya saw the terrist, he try to do something which I suggest not to. But at that point is too late, the terrorist fired and he was shot in the knee.
Then the girl bite the terrorist which then let her go, but there is actually two of them and suddenly become two girl. The second girl bite the second guy too. I saw their braces, boy it must hurt.

Then I saw my chance when the second terroris was facing the other side. I jumped at him, smack him, beating the crap out of him, ala fable duel. In the end I managed to neutralise him.
The rumour Yahya heard about me going to jail is related to the act earlier which ended with me yelling out loud about someone’s crime, and get them to go to prison in the end.

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