Yu Yuan garden and The Bund

We started with having breakfast at another Lantau noodle shop near the airbnb apartment we stayed. I had the spicy beef noodle with a beef fried burger. It taste as delicious as the one in Changsha. Then we catch the metro line 11 and change at Oriental sports centre to line 8 then change again at Laoximen station to line 10 and finally stopping at Yuyuan garden stop.

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Shanghai Nanjing rd

We arrived at our airbnb accommodation via Taxi. Some taxi driver refuse to take us for whatever reason, it shows that big city dwellers are less friendly. Shanghainese seems to be the worst, the way they talk is also very rude.

Once we settled in, we walk around in the surrounding, stopping by for the local dumpling. Then heading to the train station at Xiuyan rd. The we catch line 11, change to line 16, followed by line 2 and exit at Nanjing rd east.

When we exit, it is a buzzing metropolitan city, packed with people, tourist and the like. We walk for a bit and then decided to take the tourist train in the mall. It took us from one end to the others. Then after hopping of we took tons of photos and walking back, stopping along the way of the souvenier shops. There is one spot where you can take a photo shot of the Shanghai Bund scene compete with the Car and rickshaw.

From there we head to the restaurant for dinner, we ordered a few dishes, Siao long pao, vegetables dishes. One we finished our dinner we head back to the station to head home. The subway is packed with people at that time around 9 o’clock at night.