Redesigning the bathroom and Rendering in Autodesk Revit

During my bathroom renovation, I manage to learn a new skill. Autodesk Revit. Thanks to a few found youtube video, I manage to upgrade the design of the old bathroom and re-designing my new bathroom.

The old bathroom consist of a bathtub with separate vanity for some reason, and the shower is on separate room, perhaps a design afterthought. So I extended the shower to accomodate a toilet and a small vanity and turn it. into an on-suite. The bathroom get extended with an upgrade of a new toilet and dual basin vanity as shown in the picture above.

To get a good idea of how it looks lie, I try render the image of the new bathroom. The following is by means not perfect at all, but it gives an idea on how it looks like, which is quite handy when I am showing the tradie on what I want the bathroom to look like.

And finally, it is all done. You can see the final look in the following picture.

Let me know what do you think of the new bathroom.