Sadistic Doctor

I was somewhere with my cousin Hong & my mom. We are in a discussion how to earn money fast. Then some one has this idea about a doctor who can transplant. So we went to visit the doctor, his servant lead us to the living room where he sat on a round table. So we join him and he was offering Hong 10k, which she accepted without further thoughts. I asked Hong whether she is sure and understand the procedure completely. She smiled at me which I took as a sign of no. Then the doctor showed us some pictures, disturbing pictures. When I realised what he is on about, I explained it to Hong, that the procedure involved in taking her scalp off and transplanted it to some one who needed it. Then the doctor will put something in return which might look ridiculous. When she knew what is at stake, Hong doesn’t want to do it any more. So she returned the money. And we walked out.

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