Lord Guan’s holding ford.

The second day begin with a visit to uncle ACen’s place. He is the one who first visited us back in Indo in 1990s. He collected lots of photos, so it is like a trip down memory lane. I took a few snaps of the old photos that I never seen. He looks very different now, not as glorious as he used to.

From there we went to the Local market to have a look around, it is very clean by far comparing to the one in Indo. Then they treat us lunch in the local restaurant, also spoilt by dishes.

Then A Na took us to FengDongShi, enroute via downtown. The place is famous for the rock formation that looks like a duck, we get one small key ring photo for souvenirs. The bigger size photos cost 20 yuan. The place is massive, it consist of the old wall, where the soldier garrison, there is Lord Guan’s temple, a long board walk around the cape. We stop by for photos a long the way, then the gift shop. I bought a small pearl souvenirs for Hui, it only cost 20 yuan thanks to Auntie Siau Cen who manage to bargain it from 48 Yuan.

From there we went for dinner. It is a local excuisite restaurant which serve local dishes, we are so much spoilt with dishes, from soup, vegetables, fish, pork, and more. During dinner A Wie who is Uncle A Cents son turn up. He had his own business of floating for. He showed me his Son who was 8 and daughter who was 6. From there we went back to Uncle A I’s home and take a group photos for momento, then we swap wechat so that we can keep intouch.

I was overwhelmed by their hospitality, it shows me what a true family meant, work and and you will succeed, never give up. Always look after your relatives.

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