Some things happened. I am learning how to levitate. We lived next to a neighbour who is a doctor of some sort. He have a practicing room and his patient regularly visit with an exercise machine.

One day we have to borrow his place without his permission. But we clean up the place. He seems quite surprised when he got back. We tried to explain but we didn’t have a chance. We also think he speaks Indo.

It seems that Hui’s levitating skill is the best. She masters it no issue. She not only can levitate freely, she can make herself disappeared too. She can even carry me levitating. While I’m still stuck with basic trying to make object disappeared.

One day there was an accident at the front. When we get out, it was already cleared, but our neighbour try to recreate the scene using miniature cars and piling then one on top of the other.

I then woke up.

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