Last day in Tokyo

I end up having lunch with Peter, Arthur, Tetsuya Nakamura, Jim Oski, Uwe as well. I had pork on rice. Which is quite filling.

Then I attended their quarterly staff meeting. The interesting part about the meeting are, everyone is wearing a headphone so that they can have the complete story of the whole meeting being translated, so the translator translate to Japanese when the speaker speak English and vice versa. The other impressive thing is they are making everyone aware of the BMO project by having competition which consists of 6 teams, and each teams present the new name and also a short video showing what change mean to them. There are a few video that are very impressive in terms of sound, choreograph and wording. I end up voting for team 6, which Miki and Azusa was part of. The wording in the video is actually a poem written by Harada san on the way home in the train after one of the use case review session. Another interesting part is it seems that most Japanese are quite a public speaker.

Then at about 7 PM we all go to another function, officially this is the party after the staff meeting, but also coincidentally one of the sales manager is moving on to become the president of BMW Osaka. That night was raining and we had to walk about 15 minutes to the venue under the rain. It is quite a different atmosphere, but I get chance to speak to Uwe, Pascal, Jim in a relax environment.

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