In Penang

Finally we are in Penang. After an 40 mins flight we arrived in penang. It is quite an Island. On the way out we bump to an American lady. She is travelling on her own after her husband’s death following their old plan.
We checked in to the Burmatel, and then went to had lunch. I had kue tiau, pretty tasteless really, the chicken rice that my mom ordered looks much better.
After lunch we went across to butterworth via ferry. The cab that fetch us from the airport sent us to the ferry port.
Arriving at Pek kong’s place in the restaurant cum delivery service. After chatting for a while we are bored & getting a car to take us to one of his daughter’s place.

Then we head back to the port heading back to penang Island.
Booked all the bus trip to hap cai & accomodation. After showered we head to foot master nearby for dinner. The Tom Yum rice noodle that I had taste slightly off, the tom yum fried tang hun is better. The kerabu rice is also not bad.
After dinner, we enjoyed a few request singer on the stage at the food court. Some of them had quite an excellent vocal.
We stopped over at a Thai temple nearby.

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