Hover plane

I was in Melbourne, but the surrounding looks like Cien koko’s place. Mom was complaining about my long hair, and I think she cut it during my sleep, not cut it short but just trim the lower back, and I didn’t notice it until going to work the next day and brushing my hair. So I went to toilet to look at the mirror, and not only she cut, but she treated the hair as well and put a hat on top. I looked like Hook from peter pan movie.
Anyway there is an urgency and Mom and I had to get to Sydney so we hop on this hover plane that looks like a small scooter, I am surprise this thing can hold us both plus a pilot. We are ascending then suddenly drop, like a free fall. Then the pilot had to make an emergency landing back to where we started. He said there is something wrong with the engine.

Ambulanced arrive and a few police car when we landed, which is in the side walk of a street. Then I guide mom to cross the road, there was thing car coming and the driver try to brake hard, and he skidded.
Then it seems like the crowded started to disperse. I was looking for the pilot and can’t find him anywhere, but my uncle is there, so I asked him, and he said that the pilot is taking the uni cycle like plane to the mechanic to be fixed. Gee, what about us then? and he is pointing to a rickshaw type of vehicle.

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