Dinner Day 1

After waiting for a while Peter and I decided to wander around by ourself, because we are not sure whether Pushkar will turn up, so Peter took me for a walk around the ginza area, and also but we can’t find the place in the restaurant he wanted to go, then we walk some more and then Peter had sms from Pushkar, so we go back to the office and find the whole team were there, so we went to the Korean restaurant at the basement of the office. The dinner was quite nice, we had a few assorted Italian/Korean pancake, some Korean salad, with pork and Korean glass noodle. We finished at about 10:30 PM. Pushkar paid for the dinner, and on the way back I stopped by 7 11 to get some sushi plate, a bun and 2 cup noodle for my breakky tomorrow.

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