Coles in North Melbourne

I was wondering whether there is coles in North Melbourne. So my Mom & I set out to find it. We went to a shopping mall that looks kinda like Pasar Ramai & we can’t find any coles there. So to confirm this I asked one of the shop keeper, and she said that there is none.
Mom was browsing around that shop, while I still want to confirm this, walk out around the block just in case. That’s when I had a glance on two of my old uni mates, Heriadi & Selawanto was walking together. So I hurried to catch them & the next thing I know we are sitting down in a cafe chatting about how long they are going to be around town. Then I suddenly remember I left my mom behind. So I hurried back to get her back in the mall.

I was instructed to join this new startup company where they are still having a briefing about the strategy. So I walked in and sat down taking notes from the briefing. Then I realized that the guy sitting on my right was some body I know from high school & also some one who sat on the far left is Manase, my ex high school class mate. So he moved over next to me and I was asking him how he had been doing. He said he is good, the next thing I know he was talking about how to make a good thick milk shake.

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